Skills Center Foundation

Clark County Skills Center Foundation

Join us for a culinary

Tour of France

Our first student-prepared dinner of 2017


Vision, Mission, and  Beliefs

Foundation Vision:

To strengthen the community by preparing youth to be productive and contributing members of society.

Foundation Mission:

To raise and manage the capital resources to enhance and support the Skills Center Mission, “To prepare each student with the relevant knowledge and skills for learning, career, and life.”

Foundation Beliefs:

  • We believe in the purpose of the Skills Center.
  • We believe that the Skills Center is needed and wanted by the community.
  • We believe that the Skills Center supports the economic and social development of the community.
  • We believe that students should be given practical and relevant opportunities to experience and develop career and life skills.
  • We believe that the strength of a community is based on the professional, social, and personal skills developed in its youth.
  • We believe our students will be future leaders and responsible community members.
  • We believe that our community has the resources and the desire to support the Skills Center.
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